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Portraits of some of the people behind the voices

BLACK LIVES MATTER portraits of a few of the people at Marcus-David Peters Circle since June 2020. An ongoing series.

People come.

They take selfies to show that they witnessed this moment in history.

They bring flowers or light candles to place at the memorials to victims of police brutality.

They write words, both angry and uplifting, of justice and equality.

They pray for peace and healing.

They make music in tune with the celebration of solidarity present in this space.

They bring their children to teach them about the roots of the struggles of people of color in America.

They occupy – the space-keepers, the spokespersons, the caretakers; those who are present every day dedicated to keeping the protest alive and to make manifest the hope that "this time it's different."


9/8/21 – Lee Statue Removed

After more than a year of social justice protests, the statue of Civil War general, Robert E. Lee was separated from its pedestal leaving behind the graffiti covered pedstal. These are some of the people present at the event on Monument Avenue in Richmond Virginia.

The People Behind the VOICES

Visitors to Marcus-David Peters Circle since June, 2020. An ongoing series.





































































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