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Jere is an artist and photographer based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Her work includes photography, mixed media and small-format experimental film.

My focus on design and photography began as a student of advertising, mass communications and art at Virginia Commonwealth University. It continued throughout a career that included graphic design, web design, and information design.

Design became the lens through which my visual and conceptual perception centered, and it remains a primary component in my choices of photographic subjects and compositions. Design has also influenced my understanding of the world, instilling a lifelong interest in design systems that are observable in societies and cultures and are inherent in the natural world.

Trust is at the center of the personal aspects of my work. My creative practice is to rely on an attitude of surrendering to the intuitive pull that directs my attention toward personally meaningful subjects, and offers entryways into deeper exploration and interpretation.

It is through trust that I find joy in visual discoveries; sometimes in the exquisite wildness of the natural world and sometimes in the unexpected artifacts of the human experience. It might be a juxtaposition that is seemingly incongruous, a context that stimulates the eye or the intellect, or a harmony that graces them both.

Abstract imagery often finds its way into my field of vision, inviting me to see the ordinary in new and irresistible ways. In one way of seeing, it is the intrigue of the visual. From another perspective, it tells a story – the story of its own creation. It becomes an experience that opens me to the dual pleasures of imagination and wonder.

One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.
— Henry Miller

"twentysixteen," mixed media self-portrait, 10 x 10 x 4 in.

Photo: Jere Kittle, pink flamingo, age 2


Jere is a member of Artspace Gallery in Richmond VA

Because the world is round, it turns me on.
— Lennon and McCartney

Photographing graffiti at the R. E. Lee statue, Richmond, Virginia, June, 2020 for VOICES project.
Photo by T.C. Moore.









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